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Here at Solstice Nurseries, we grow quality Scottish Hardy Heathers at competitive prices. With over a hundred varieties of heather to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the ones that suit your requirements. We also grow a selection of shrubs, perennials and alpine plants.


Our staff are highly trained in Horticulture, enabling us to provide the love and care that is essential for every plant.alpines_2011_100.jpg


Our plant lists are  available to download. We are currently in the process of updating them and the new lists should be available soon.

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pdf heather_stock_list_2014 11.04 Kb  (9 cm pots - call to confirm quantity available)

pdf landscape_heather_stock_list_2014 9.65 Kb (1 litre pots)



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Heathers, herbaceous and alpines are 

for sale  in 6-pack trays













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To support the work we do in giving training and work experience to people recovering from mental illness, we also take donations!

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