Growing people

Our staff are highly trained in Horticulture enabling us to provide the love and care that is essential for every plant.


We provide training, qualifications and work experience for people with mental health issues with the aim of improving their health and well-being, and to assist them in moving forward towards employment and/or work related activity.

Our training provides our participants with social skills, building confidence, communication skills, time keeping and team working,  we also offer workshops in Manual Handling, Emergency First Aid and Health and Safety at Work. 

Who can apply?


People who may benefit from placement are those who:

  • have or have had a mental health diagnosis

  • are compliant with any ongoing treatment/medication

  • have access to other supports in the community

  • are physically and mentally fit for work experience

  • have a realistic prospect of achieving open employment or moving on to undertake further training, work experience or education

  • are fully aware of the responsibilities and implications of open employment, for example the effects on any benefits received.


Referrals are welcome from people resident in Aberdeen City or Aberdeenshire who meet the Councils’ criteria.  People living in Aberdeenshire can ask their social worker or their local Community Mental Health Team to refer them. People living in Aberdeen City can ask their CPN, Social Worker, G.P., Jobcentreplus Advisor or Support Worker from any relevant organisation.  Self-referrals are accepted if a professional is willing to provide the accompanying reference. 


What happens next?


Telephone us to arrange a visit to site (we can assist with transport).  If you find you like us and we like you, a referral can then be made for acceptance by either the City or Shire Council.   Start dates are usually confirmed soon after we have received the acceptance.   Most people are encouraged initially to attend 2 days per week.   We operate a 13 week trial period with regular reviews to ensure the placement is successful.  

Participants start their day at 9.30 am and finish around 4.30pm with the usual tea/lunch breaks.  Tea and coffee is provided but a packed lunch is needed.  We have good kitchen facilities with a microwave and fridge.

There is a pick-up and drop off point on Leggart Terrace, Bridge of Dee for those who do not have transport. 


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To support the work we do in giving training and work experience to people recovering from mental illness, we also take donations!


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