Growing people and plants

Sponsors & Partners

Solstice Nurseries receives support from many people and organisations – financial, materials, volunteers. If we have omitted anyone, we apologise profusely. Tell us and we will make sure you are included from now on. We welcome donations and offers of volunteer effort (link to volunteer page) at any time.  You can also donate directly using paypal below.


In we would like particularly to thank our continuing Sponsors, Partners and Supporters namely:

  • North-East of Scotland College (Bruce Gilliland)

  • Banchory & Leggart Estates

  • Chap Quarries (Aberdeen) Ltd

  • CMS Cameron McKenna LLP

  • Grampian Highland Resources LTD (ghrl)

  • Ian Nicol

  • Carol’s Cleaners

  • Mike Bibby

  • Social Firms UK

  • Social Firms Scotland (Janice Nicoll)


Past supporters include:

  • BP

  • Enquest

  • NHS Grampian

  • Shell

  • Wood Group  

  • Taqa Energy 

  • Red Evolution Ltd

  • And the many individuals who have given their time to support us


Thank you!